Standards and characteristics: 


The overalls consist of an upper and bottom part and provides protection against:
- working near flames or sparks
- minor superficial mechanical aggressions: abrasion, snatching
- working in normal environments or with potentially explosive atmosphere
Knees, elbow and neck area are reinforced with shock resistant material. Reflective tapes are applied on the back, front and circular on the sleeves and pants.


- flame retardant and antistatic fabric with weight of 250 g/sqm

Upper part:

- straight collar with velcro
- zipper up to collar
- closing with zipper
- closing with velcro flap
- closing with 2-way zipper
- elastic tightening
- elastic cuffs
- top pocket, gusset velcro flap
- top pocket, velcro flap for phone, comunication and pen


Bottom part:

- bottom leg zipper
- bottom leg elastic
- slanted pouch pocket with zipper
- side leg pocket, gusset with velcro flap